Cameyo is the only product allowing online and offline direct execution of your Windows programs, without installation.

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Cameyo Offline

  • Package virtual applications on your machine
  • Edit and optimize Cameyo packages
  • Stream applications to your machine within seconds
  • Unleash advanced features with our open-source Package Editor

Cameyo Online

Your software in the browser

  • Your software from anywhere - online or offline
  • Package your apps directly from the browser
  • Work directly on your Dropbox / Google Drive files, securely
  • Windows apps on Chromebook, Linux, Android, Mac, iOS
  • App virtualization = high scalability = lower cost to you

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Home / Free

- Turn your software into self-contained EXEs.
- Upload and make them runnable from any browser.
- Activate real-time encryption for your application's data.
- Beginners: create software packages by simply using the browser.
- Power users: create using our advanced desktop packager & editor.



Give your students and staff ready-to-use software packages that can be used on any device, without installation.
Take advantage of our special education discounts.

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Deploy all-in-one executable package to your end users, without requiring a full installation procedure.
Using XML and command-line tools, Cameyo brings you all the tools for build automation.

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Easily deploy applications to your end users, short-circuiting installations and long deployment procedures.

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