Adding Cameyo Online to your .NET project

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Cameyo Online is a WCF service that allows you to integrate some of Cameyo's cloud capabilities into your .NET apps (both Windows / Web).

To add Cameyo Online to your Visual Studio project, see these 5 simple steps.

In this example, we are listing Cameyo's Public Apps. However, you will see that the CameyoOnlineSvc class allows you to do a lot more.


1. Add a Service reference to your .NET project:

1 - AddServiceRef


2. Enter CameyoOnline's WSDL URL:

2 - CameyoOnlineRef


3. In your app.config file, change "maxReceivedMessageSize" to a high enough value, such as 2 MB:

3 - AppConfig


4. Write your own code using the CameyoOnlineSvcClient class:

4 - Code


5. Sample result (for the code above):

5 - Result