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int _stdcall


   IN  LPWSTR                       AppId,

   IN  LPWSTR                       AppVirtDll,

   IN  LPWSTR                       LoaderExe,

   OUT PACKAGE_HANDLE*              phPkg )

Creates a brand new virtual application package from scratch. Returns a handle that can then be used in the same way as PackageOpen.


AppId [in]

Application unique identifier.

AppVirtDll [in]

Full path to AppVirtDll.dll file (available in the SDK's Bin\ sub-directory). AppVirtDll64.dll must also be present in the same directory.

LoaderExe [in]

Full path to Loader.exe file (available in the SDK's Bin\ sub-directory).

Reserved [in]

Reserved for future implementations. Must always be zero.

phPkg [out]

Pointer to a handle. If the function is successful, this parameter receives a handle to the open package handle. This handle must be closed with PackageClose when finished using the package. Note that the file will only be saved when PackageSave is called.

Return value

If successful, the return value is APIRET_SUCCESS.

Code sample

Creating a package from scratch