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int _stdcall


   IN  PACKAGE_HANDLE               hPkg,

   IN  LPWSTR                       Name,

   OUT LPWSTR                       Value,

   IN  DWORD                        ValueLen )

Retrieves a property assigned to a virtual application package.


hPkg [in]

Virtual application package handle, returned by PackageOpen.

Name [in]

Property name (null-terminated wide string). This can either be a special property used by the virtualization engine, or an arbitrary metadata that you assign for your own use. For a list of Cameyo's special properties, see Cameyo properties.

Value [out]

Receives the value of the property (null-terminated wide string).

ValueLen [in]

Indicates the length, in characters, of the Value buffer.

Return Value

Returns APIRET_SUCCESS if successful, or APIRET_NOT_FOUND if the property does not exist.

Code sample

// Reading property "AppID" from virtual package

WCHAR wc[1024];

PackageGetProperty(hPkg, L"AppID", wc, _countof(wc));