Online Packaging APIs

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The PackagerRequestSubmitUrl API



string PackagerRequestSubmitUrl(string userName, string password, string url, PackagerEnvironment environment)

Submits an application packaging request to the Cameyo Online cloud packager.



UserName: user account name (email address).
Password: user account password.
URL: direct URL of the installer to package.
Environment: OS environment to package the software on: 32-bit or 64-bit.


Return value

String containing the request ID. This string can then be passed to the PackagerStatus function.


Sample code:

Cameyo Online is a WCF service that allows you to integrate some of Cameyo's cloud capabilities into your .NET apps (both Windows / Web).

To add Cameyo Online to your Visual Studio project, see these simple steps:


1. Add a Service reference to your .NET project:

1 - AddServiceRef


2. Enter CameyoOnline's WSDL URL:

2 - CameyoOnlineRef


The following code shows how to create a virtual package from A to Z, simply by providing an installer. The project can be downloaded from here.


var svcClient = new CameyoOnlineSvc.CameyoOnlineSvcClient();

var packagerEnv = new CameyoOnlineSvc.PackagerEnvironment();

packagerEnv.Architecture = CameyoOnlineSvc.ArchitectureType.OS32;

String reqId = "";



  // DO NOT FORGET to change this line: your Cameyo login (email, password) and direct installer URL to package

   reqId = svcClient.PackagerRequestSubmitUrl(

      "", "your_password",   // Replace with your Cameyo login info

      "", // The installer you wish to package (has to support unattended installation)



catch (Exception ex)


  Console.WriteLine("Exception: " + ex.Message);




bool working = true;

while (working)



   CameyoOnlineSvc.RequestStatus reqStatus = svcClient.PackagerStatus(reqId);

  String str = "";

  switch (reqStatus)


      case CameyoOnlineSvc.RequestStatus.Queued: str = "Queued"; break;

      case CameyoOnlineSvc.RequestStatus.NeedArguments: str = "Installer arguments required (does this installer support unattended mode?)"; working = false; break;

      case CameyoOnlineSvc.RequestStatus.Packaging: str = "Packaging"; break;

      case CameyoOnlineSvc.RequestStatus.Failed: str = "Failed"; working = false; break;

      case CameyoOnlineSvc.RequestStatus.Success: str = "Success.\nPackage ready at: " + svcClient.PackagerResult(reqId).DownloadUrl; working = false; break;


  Console.WriteLine("Status = " + str);