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int _stdcall


 IN  PACKAGE_HANDLE            hPkg,

 IN  LPCWSTR                   FileName,

 OUT ULONG*                    FileFlags )

Returns the file flags for a specific file or directory.


hPkg [in]

Virtual application package handle, returned by PackageOpen.

FileName [in]

Name of the file or directory, in a virtual format (i.e. "%Program Files%\MyApp\File.ext").

FileFlags [out]

Variable that will obtain the file flags .

Return value

Returns APIRET_SUCCESS if successful, APIRET_NOT_FOUND if the file was not found.

Upon success, FileFlags contains a combination of the following values:

VIRT_FILE_FLAGS_ISFILE: if set, this is a file. Otherwise it's a directory.
VIRT_FILE_FLAGS_DELETED: file or directory is deleted.
VIRT_FILE_FLAGS_DEPLOYED: before package is run, this flag means this file is to be deployed on disk immediately upon first run. After package is run, this flag is updated on the fly whenever needed files are deployed on disk.
VIRT_FILE_FLAGS_PKG_FILE: this file or directory name is part of the original package (as opposed to files created during the package use).