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int _stdcall


   IN  PACKAGE_HANDLE               hPkg,

   OUT LPWSTR                                WorkKey,

   IN  DWORD                        WorkKeyLen,

   IN  HANDLE                       hAbortEvent )

Same as VirtRegGetWorkKey function, but with an additional event that caller can signal to abort the progress of this function.

Provides an image of the virtual registry as contained in the virtual package.


hPkg [in]

Virtual application package handle, returned by PackageOpen.

WorkKey [out]

Buffer to receive the name of the virtual registry key's image, relative to HKEY_CURRENT_USER. This key will be deleted when calling PackageClose.

WorkKeyLen [in]

Indicates the size of the WorkKey buffer, in characters.

hAbortEvent [in, optional]

A caller-provided event that caller can signal to abort the progress of the registry export.

Return Value

Returns APIRET_SUCCESS if successful, or APIRET_VIRTREG_DEPLOY_ERROR if the virtual registry key could not be written.

APIRET_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER is returned when the buffer size provided for WorkKey is not sufficient.


To apply changes to the virtual registry, don't forget to call VirtRegSaveWorkKey before using PackageSave.