bullet Shared App Hosting: the simplest way to start; virtual apps only.
If your application can run as a virtual package -- either a Cameyo EXE or Thinapp, then you can use it directly from our cloud without any server considerations. Just upload it to our cloud, and done! Your users will be able launch it in a browser immediately.
Try now, no committment: upload your virtual app online for 7 days. Start now.

bullet Dedicated App Hosting: power, control, speed; any app type.
If your applications require to be natively installed, or if they require some prerequisites, or if you are simply looking for more control & speed, this plan is right for you. Just setup your own Windows Server VM in the cloud or on-premise, and use our automated Cameyo Play server installer.
Try now, no committment: follow our simple 15-minutes server setup instructions. No credit card required. Start for free.

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Dedicated server

Our server dashboard provides more control over execution environment and storage.

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