Cameyo v3

Features (click for details)

Native, open-source Windows and Android players

Allows playing Cameyo online packages seamlessly and faster than HTML5.
The Windows player is a smaller, lighter UI replacement for the previous CameyoMenu.

Direct access to Dropbox & Google Drive files from online sessions

During Cameyo Play sessions, Dropbox / Google Drive are mounted as virtual local folder, allowing direct access to cloud files. Data is only copied when opening a file, hence fast & secure.
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Video: v3 Online Features

Remote packaging: package apps directly from your browser

Package applications directly from your browser or Cameyo Player.
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Host your own Cameyo Play server

Host your own Cameyo Play servers for private, fast and customized online execution of apps in the browser.
Host your own server

Upload your Cameyo packages online
  • Publish your existing Cameyo packages, turning them into cloud apps in a click.


Cameyo Play sessions: drag & drop, printing, clipboard
  • Drag & drop: download / upload files to HTML5 sessions directly to / from your machine.
  • Print: virtual printing during online sessions. Generates a PDF file which is then sent to your machine.
  • Clipboard transmission to / from your machine.

Video: v3 Online Features

Online packages: share, update, delete functions

You can now upload your existing Cameyo packages online, share them, update or delete them.

Windows 10 support

Cameyo packages function on Windows 10.

Linux WINE support

Cameyo packages can now run on Linux + WINE. Note that the virtualization success rate is lower on Linux WINE, and some packages will not function as well as on Windows.

New premium subscription plan

Do more with Cameyo, your packages and your online sessions.


The multiple personalities of a Cameyo package

Cameyo Schizophrenia


Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Launcher Remote capture PkgCreate